Team WonkHonk HSO

 Sorry I have been MIA lately. June is a very busy month! A transitional sort of month. I know everyone has had IRL breathing just right down the back of their necks lately, but hopefully we’ll ease a little smoother into summertime from here on, right?

As you may or may not know, round 1 and bonus round 1 end on the 23rd! Please post your entries here on this thread, before 11:59 PM on June 21st if you can manage it, 22nd at the absolute latest, and we’ll pick one to submit via poll or group discussion. I know everyone’s been busy so it is okay if you don’t have anything to submit for this round.

If you’ve done any entries for the bonus round, I’d love to see those as well, so feel free to post those too if you like.

I will do a better job keeping it together for round two, it has been a very stressful month and I apologize for slacking on my duties. 




they call you lady luck

Hey shippers!
We are so incredibly excited to announce the first main round prompt and the official start of the HSO!
This year, we’re loosely theming the prompts around patron trolls. We’re also trying to give you a little more creative space with this year’s prompts, so we’ll see how this works out!

For Round One, incorporate gambling—literal or metaphorical—in your submission. It doesn’t need to be the central focus, but it should be a major theme.


Bonus Round 0

Cross-posting the info for br0 from the Dreamwidth page. Click here to go to the actual post! Hurry up with them last-minute submissions, this round is almost over bebbehs!


 The info for the first bonus round has gone up on the HSO Dreamwidth page!
It sounds really cool, basically we can make banners and icons for other teams to get bonus points for our team before the first officialround. 


    1. Create a set of 2-6 icons or 1-3 banners (or both!) for one team that is NOT YOUROWN.
    1. Icons/banners can feature canon art, fanart (ONLY fanart that you have permission touse!), quotes, lyrics, gifs, basically whatever you think is awesome! Remember thatthese are presents and not black solicitations. We’re trusting you to put some degreeof heart and soul into them!
    1. Upload them somewhere ( works pretty well!) and post/link them here with theappropriate title format (see below).
    1. If/when your team receives a gift (and feel free to request icons/banners if you are inneed!) it would be nice to thank the gifter, even if you don’t end up using any of thegraphics! You are of course not obligated to use them or thank people or anything. Butit would be cool of you to acknowledge people’s hard work!
  1. This challenge will run until 11:59PM EDT on June 1. After that time, even if it’s justby a minute according to the timestamp, no submissions will be accepted for points.

I know that the entries are supposed to be posted on the DW page, but I’d love to see people post them on this thread, too! Just coz you know it will be cool to see all the stuff our team is producing.

Go team WonkHonk!

Hey-hey-hey! This is the announcement tumblr for Team WonkHonk! I figured it would be easier for everyone to keep up with since most of us are tumblr-addicts and not quite so much with Dreamwidth. 

Basically I will be posting announcements here and then linking to the relevant info over on DW! I will be tagging everything as “team wonkhonk” so if you track that tag it will be the best way to keep up with the happenings on the team.

Right now we are approaching the end of br0, and I’d like to thank everyone who submitted to the round!

A few things have to happen before the kickoff of the official first round one June 1, namely:

1. Everyone has to check in with me! Just send me a little message, here, on Skype, on Dreamwidth, whatever, to let me know you’re still in the game! I have to notify the HSO mods if I have any absences, so please get back to me ASAP!

2. I guess we need to officially have a vice-palhancho? If anyone else signed up to be palhancho or palhancho-if-necessary, please let me know!

Also, I have set up a Skype group where we can get to know each other and discuss team happenings. I am missing a few of you, so add ExcellentTerrestrial on Skype and I’ll add you to the group.

br0 is still going on so I’ll be posting an announcement for that as well. Check out this post on Dreamwidth to see the banners and icons people have made for us! I haven’t done mine yet (shame, shame) but I will probably be doing that tonight. May as well rake in as many points as possible!

Okay I think I have typed enough. You guys are awesome, stay beautiful!